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years, the unraveling tore it apart forever. >> that's all for now. i'm ann curry and >> right now at 11:00, which pipelines in the bay area are most at risk according to pg&e's own documents. >> c-section are at an all time high. what some are say suggest behind that increase and when to expect a drop in the temperature. the news starts right now. good evening. i'm diane dwyer. new information from san bruno about the explosion and fire, but first we are just learning about other pipelines in the bay area that are considered at high risk. according it a public filing,
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pg&e said the pipeline most at risk is a section that runs through livermore. the second highest in fremont. state regulators ordered pg&e to conduct immediate inspections of the entire natural gas pipeline system. monty francis is in san bruno with the latest on that. monty? >> reporter: pg&e routinely checks lines for leaks, but some are questioning the safety record, especially when it comes to gas transmission lines. today the california public utilities commission ordered pg&e to keep the gas line out of service until further notice and to test all of the natural gas lines for leaks. it was a move to reassure the public, but mark leno of san francisco was not among the reassured. >> that means there is no current regulation that they must regularly inspect their lines. they need a directive.
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>> reporter: he points to categories showing between 2002 and 2009 there were 19 gas line breaks in pg&e's system. part was due to equipment failure or operator error. in a statement released tonight, they said they spent $100 million to improve their gas system. the company would fully comply with the order. despite numerous reports from residents of a smell of gas in the air in the days before the san bruno explosion, a pg&e spokesman told us this. >> we're researched phone records between september 1st and september 9th. we have no record of a call being made to report gas odor. >> leno said he doesn't believe pg&e and he has good reason. >> they're have a history of falsifying record when is it comes to the reporting of gas leaks. >> pg&e told us the same section
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of the gas line was deemed a high risk to fail and scheduled to be repaired in 2012. the day after the explosion, pg&e tested the section that runs through south san francisco and sound no leaks. mark tony heads the network that has been investigating for years and said san bruno is not the only high risk spot in the bay area. >> there other pipelines that are old, that have been identified as high risk for leaks and that are in the process of being replaced. >> reporter: documented filed with the puc show that the risk of failure of that section of this pipeline in south san francisco is "unacceptably high despite those repairs to that section of the pipeline." they are not scheduled to begin for two more years. monty francis, bay area news. >> monty, thank you. >> oh, my god. that is crazy. >> take a look at this.
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this is the first time we are showing home video shot moments after the san bruno explosion. tim gutierrez said it rocked his house and he could feel the heat of the flame. instead of running hoorksy grabbed a camera and walked towards the disaster. as disturbed as he was, he couldn't put the camera down. gutierrez's house did not suffer major damage. >> today was a first day for many to return home if they live in the fire zone. if inspectors put a yellow or red tag, they were only allowed to visit for a short time, gather essentials and leave. the homes are too damaged to live in for now. with green tags, today was the day to move back home. >> the new addresses are -- >> hundreds of people gathered at skyline college this afternoon, waiting to hear their address called. >> 111 to 191 estates. >> they had the chance for the
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first time to see their home to see if it was still intact. >> it's great to be home, but it's a sad feeling to see our neighborhood in such devastation. >> he still can't look for long at the damage knowing that the blackened landscape used to be homes and remembering the moment he thought he was going to die. >> we opened the front door and when we opened the front door, this huge ball of fire was back in our faces and we can feel the heat and it will burn us. i thought that's it. >> inside his home, family and friends spent the afternoon clearing out the refrigerator and getting things working again. across the street, they were busy cleaning as well and even though the house was spare and they are allowed to move back in permanently, they are not quite ready. >> visually is looked fine, but is it fine enough to live? i don't know. i feel better if i had my own
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independent inspector. >> she added just doesn't think she can sleep here. the house rocked so violently, she wants an engineer to tell her it's safe. >> the view off the deck -- >> totally surreal to seat neighborhood vanished. >> as for the rumors that people smelled gas before the explosion, two people said they did smell gas and did not call pg&e. man had an appliance repair person who mentioned the gas smell as well. as for the 37 homes that were destroyed, the people who live in the homes are supposed to meet with city officials tomorrow morning at 10:00. federal investigators said they still have more work to do at the site of the explosion. bay area's kimberly perry has the latest on the investigation and what caused this explosion in the first place. kimberly? >> reporter: federal investigators are hoping to wrap up the work here in san bruno in the next day or two, but there
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is a lot of work to be done. they have a lot of interviews and they are hoping to visit the two facilities in charge of controlling the flow of the natural gas that went through the pipeline. the national transportation safety board is still looking into what caused a 30-inch pipe to rupture thursday. it caused a massive explosion and fire that destroyed 37 homes. while the investigation will take more than a year to complete, officials say they will bring to light any problems they see along the way. >> our first goal is to improve safety. if we see ways in which safety needs to be improve and addressed week will put out recommendations without waiting for the completion of the investigation. >> right now the focus is on getting a 28-foot section of pipe that was once underground moved out of the way so infrastructure can be put back in place and more residents can be returned home. investigators are waiting to get into the crater created by the blast.
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right now it's filled with water and too unstable to get to. >> there can be clues that can help us determine what the cause of this mishap was. >> as the damage is documented, discovery dogs discover more skeletal remains. the coroner confirmed four dead. among them, jessica morales whose boyfriend was injuried when he tried to rescue her from the blast. jacquelyn and her 13-year-old daughter were also killed. in tragic irony, he worked for the agency that regulates pg&e and owns the pipe. >> i don't know if she knew there was a 30-inch line in her neighborhood. people usually don't. >> investigators so far have been unable to confirm reports of residents smelling gas prior to the explosion. federal investigators created an e-mail. san bruno at they want to hear from you if you have information about the explosion. they especially want to hear
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from anyone who may have reported the gas in the area. they want to know who was call and when it was made. they received 25 to 30 e-mails and want to see more. live in san bruno, kimberly perry, bay area news. >> thafrgs for the update. pictures of two of the four people believed missing in san bruno. as far as we know gregory and his son william have not been seen since the explosion. also miss suggest gregory's mother. the fourth missing person has not been identified. the explosion won't do much to improve pg&e's reputation, but they appear to be taking a page from bp's mistakes responding to the disaster he was skbik a promise to take responsibility found to be a fault. >> pg&e has got issues.
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it isn't just this issue itself that may or may not be the company's fault and that is not what they are trying to find out, but they come in with a tattered reputation in recent months and years. >> the june proposition that banned cities from starting their own utility couples and criticism of smart meters as well. stay with us for continuing coverage of the san bruno explosion. our team is up dating the website with information and new pictures as soon as we get. i mentioned we have a link to to the pipeline maps and you can check to see if your neighborhood has large underground pipelines. you can see where the two most at lisc pipelines are. coming up next, a bay area arena turns into a crime scene. the search for the gunman.
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across the country, what's fueling their passion? c-sections are on the rise. we will show you which hospitals in the bay area are most likely to perform the procedure and perhaps why. >> we had sunshine out there today. 70s and 80s and cooler at the coast. we will talk about the week ahead. the seven-day forecast is coming up. [ male announcer ] jerry brown's good old days. but what really happened? cnn -- not me -- cnn says his assertion about his tax record was "just plain wrong." jerry brown went out there and took credit for the fact that the people of california voted for proposition 13, which lowered taxes, which he opposed. and now he's going around taking credit for it. he raised taxes as governor of california. he had a surplus when he took office and a deficit when he left. he doesn't tell the people the truth. with my citi thankyou points when it happened... [ glass breaks ] ...again.
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berkeley police shooting happened near the ashby bart station. a 35-year-old man and his fiance were walking home when two robbers tried to rob them. they reportedly shot and killed the man and punched the woman. they hope someone saw the crime or has information to lead to a description. they took off in an older two-tone suv. in daley city police are looking
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for a gunman who injured two people overnight. gunfire broke out in the south entrance of the cow palace near 1:00 this morning. a private motorcycle party was going on at the time. officers found the man suffer for example several bullet wounds and a woman suffer for example one wound as well. both are expected to survive. sarah shored being held in iran may be on the verge of heading home after all. she has been held in jails in iran for more than a year. last week iran said they were releasing her as a sign of compassion to mark the end of ramadan. they quickly reversed the division. she could be released in two or three days if her bail is paid. she and two friends are accused of being u.s. spies. they said they accidentally crossed the board or a hike. a trial date could be set for the two men being held there in the coming weeks. caltrain passengers had to deal with delays for hours after
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a traun struck and killed a person. it happened north of the men low park caltrain station around 5:15. they don't know why the person was trespassing and are not releasing the person's identity. this is the seventh death on caltrain track this is year. thousands of people turned up to a tea party rally in sacramento. it was originally billed as a chance to reflect on september 11th, but focussed on the upcoming november election instead. protesters expressed anger from illegal immigration and taxes to big spending what and what they see as a departer from the constitution. some called on voters to fire democrats and others targeted all lawmakers. >> i think that president obama shouldn't be in the white house according to this and we should abolish the administration. >> they get in there and make promises to go way and go a different way. >> similar rallies were held in
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washington, d.c. and st. louis. after battling a massive wildfire, boulder, colorado firefighters have another fire on their hans tonight. flames broke out and spread to 600 acres and residents were ordered to evacuate and at least one home has been destroy and no injuries have been reported. no word on a cause there. craig, we have been lucky here in the bay area with the wildfires that have been relatively small this year. >> this entire summer. mild summer with temperatures and as we go through tomorrow, that will happen again. you got it. more cooler weather. 62 for a new san francisco. 82 in livermore. the numbers came down, but the sunshine was nice. the big cooling happened along the coast. we hit 75 in san jose. lots of low and mid 70s for napa and sonoma through most of the
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north end of the bay. as we go through tomorrow, we cool off more. the weather headlines tomorrow morning will wake up to a lot of cloud cover. mist and drizzle and a little bit cooler if you are expecting somebody at sfo tomorrow or tuesday. it's one week where we will have quite a bit of fog. we will have delays at sfo. tune in tomorrow morning and we will keep you updated and we will warm up a little bit back to the lower 80s at that. as we go into the weekend, we dip on down and cool off next weekend as well. the fog about 2,000 feet deep. the coastal hills are 2,000 to 25,000 feet high. a lot of that is clearing early tonight and going through tomorrow morning. right through the golden gate as well. 55 in san francisco and 57 in livermore. 50s just about everywhere. this is the fog and cloud cover futurecast for tomorrow. we will start off at 2:00 a.m. plenty of cloud cover in the north end of the bay through san
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francisco. by 5:00 a.m., a lot has spread down the peninsula and probably delays tomorrow and watch for those for arriving flights. plenty of cloud cover and fog. 10 a.m. holding tight. the sunshine that will start to come out will be closer to noon and by 5:00, we have it right along the coast and it blows in on tuesday. as we go through the week ahead, this spin will give us that stronger push from cooler weather. that will be the story at least through monday and tuesday. wednesday, thursday, and friday, we warm up and this guy parks off the coast through friday, saturday, and sunday. much cooler and maybe a chance of a sprinkle or two in the north end of the bay saturday night. highs around the bay area, more of the low 60s at the beaches and struggling to reach the 80s. we won't see it with the cloud cover in place. sunset 7:20. the seven-day forecast will continue and notice a gradual warping through wednesday and thursday.
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a lot cooler next weekend. maybe a shower or two sunday through the north bay. >> it was a lovely weekend. >> nice. >> thanks. coming up next, a rescue plan where homeowners in trouble only dig themselves deeper. we will show you what to look out for. >> i'm raj mathai. what a lousy way to start the season for the raiders and 49ers. interesting move by mike singletary after the 49ers return to santa clara. good news for the giants and there is a big price to pay for being in first place. what's goinginndong w ao hi nd the scenes with the mayor. we will see you on sports sunday. we got a 1-2-0 in progress. what's a 1-2-0? another airline is charging up to $120 roundtrip for two bags. [ imitating siren ] pull over! looks like we got a runner. pull over! we know you've been charging for bags! we can't stop every plane. we're gonna stop this one. you can fly, but you can't hide. ♪
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a new study shows for profit hospitals perform more c sections than nonprofit hospitals. california watch compiles a database of 253 hospitals and found a woman with 17% more likely to have a c-section at a for profit facility. that's after medically needed c-sections were ruled out. since c-section births bring in about twice the revenue of a natural birth, it's evidence for profit hospitals value the bottom line over what's best for the patients.
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others argue that more women are hiding c sections because of obesity, age, fear of lawsuits and growing acceptance of the procedure. in the bay area, san are monregional medical center and good samaritan performed the most c-sections. morgan hill police have a warning for homeowners facing foreclosures. scam artists are posing as legal specialists that claim they can rescue homes after residents have been evicted. they go to great lengths to forge documents and look legitimate. if you suspect you or someone you know is being taken advantage of, there is a website you can check. california requires foreclosure specialists to get veriveications. they list all who are verified women have a link on our websbce,it we have a warn being a new computer virus. ♪
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with its super amoled screen. get a free samsung intensity, a free blackberry bold or any other phone in our lineup. don't miss out. offer ends soon. buy a samsung fascinate and any other phone is free. only at verizon. but what really happened? cnn -- not me -- cnn says his assertion about his tax record was "just plain wrong." jerry brown went out there and took credit for the fact that the people of california voted for proposition 13, which lowered taxes, which he opposed. and now he's going around taking credit for it. he raised taxes as governor of california. he had a surplus when he took office and a deficit when he left. he doesn't tell the people the truth.
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computer hackers added a new tool to their arsenal. sex. promising free porn, it sends a virus and it also hijacks the e-mail account and ends it to everyone in the address book. that's a little embarrassing to say the least. the giants climbed into first place, but bad news for the team. a rare move for mike singletary. raj mathai is next for sports sunday. fleas. nt e, y tean for advantag the flea specialist for gentle, but effective, flea control.
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now all local governments should agree on a uniform ban. since the state politicians have dropped the ball, it's up to us. protect the planet at nbc t
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hello and welcome to the late edition of sports sunday. we are come for example the bay area studios. thanks for joining us. this was a lousy opening day for the nfl season unless you are not from around here. then it might have been good. we quote here, i want to thank pete carroll very much for kicking our tail. that's from mike singletary. an interesting note tonight. he called a mandatory team meeting at 49ers headquarters after they arrived in san jose. a mandatory team meeting with the 49ers late tonight. one of the sports sunday cohosts who was supposed to be with us for prime time and we were overruled. giants fans tried to smile, but there was a huge downside. we will

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